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Save Time, Money, and Horse Health by using Equine Bracing Solutions

                                                                                                             Be prepared !!

                                                                 Have boots, braces, and splints on hand when you need them.

Equine Bracing Solutions makes it easy to rehabilitate your horse before you, your vet or your horse run out of energy resulting in a negative outcome.

Primary uses for equine bracing are fractures and soft tissue injuries, correcting deformities, wound and pain management, and stabilization in emergencies. Veterinarians caring for equines and other animals can now use bracing technology that has been used for the human population.  Braces can be used for the same type of injuries you are now treating with a cast, including fractures, soft tissue injuries, nerve injuries, or arthrodesis.

Corrective bracing can be used as an adjunct to surgery or to eliminate the need for surgery. Ready-made braces will stabilize the limb for transport. The Easy Splint is a convenient off-the-shelf tool to stabilize the fetlock.